Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall peas!

I wasn't sure if they would have enough time to mature enough to produce anything, but looks like the snap peas sown just over 2 months ago had just enough. The first flowers showed 3 weeks ago and they have kept growing and flowering, setting fruit since.

Cascadia Snap Pea, developed by a horticultural professor in Oregon, is resistant to powdery mildew, a common fall fungus in our climate.

The crimson clover cover crop, here in the perennial herb bed, has filled in amazingly fast. We picked off these herbs (thyme, 3 kinds of sage, 2 kinds of oregano, and rosemary) all year long. Today I cut them all back pretty good and will dry all the cuttings to use through winter. Rosemary can be thrown right into the freezer without drying and used as if fresh.

Red leaf lettuce is coming along, slowly. Everything is growing much slower in the cool weather and weaker sunlight of fall. Hopefully the cabbage, broccoli, radishes and peas will be able to grow large enough for eating in late fall and through winter.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hot weather veggies

Finally getting good production out of tomatoes and peppers now that we've had some consistently warm weather. I'll go over the tomatoes later as a vegetable review of each variety.

California Wonder 300 at about 60 days after transplanting. These are off one plant and that's really all the plant produced.

Basil sown June 8 is growing great. 3 plants for each 4" pot gave them enough room after transplanting.
Basil from a few weeks ago big enough to start picking. Instead of pulling individual leaves as we need them, I find it easier to just cut one or two full plants at a time.

Here's the garden plots today....